The company was established in 1947 in Trieste, Italy, under the name of METEOR S.p.A.. This name has been changed in 1986 to INIZIATIVE INDUSTRIALE ITALIANE S.p.A. or 3I. The company is the first aircraft and boat civil industrial organization founded in Italy after World War II. Manufacturer of recreational airplanes, sailplanes and speed boats the company has been involved for a long period in the military field by producing naval, ground and aerial unmanned vehicles. The company became a leader in this field. Reconcerted into commercial market, the company produces now, in its ARROW S.r.l. division in Monterotondo (Rome) recreational, sport and aerial work aircraft such as the Sky Arrow 450, 650 and 750 (all three in land, sea and amphibian version). A 40-plus years experience in the above products area qualifies the company as a higly reliable supplier. 
 Lastupdate: 23/2/01